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Snooker Affiliate Program

Earn 50% on every sale when you
become a Snooker Guide affiliate

Snooker Affiliate ProgramWould you like to promote Snooker Guide via your own website, online advertising or simply by telling your friends and family about it?


If so then we will pay you 50% of every sale you generate when you join our snooker affiliate program. This equates to just under £10 per sale and there are no limits on the amount of commission you can make!


Because Snooker Guide features a professional snooker player and has a modern, well-designed website it converts extremely well.


The other guides out there simply cannot match our beginners course and so if you send us the right traffic, we will convert it in to sales and then send you half of the money we make.


Step 1 - Join the Affiliate Network

The first step to becoming a Snooker Guide affiliate is to join the affiliate network. This will allow us to track all of the sales you send and ensure you get your commissions.


You have two choice for which affiliate network you use to promote us, PayDot or Clickbank. Both work in similar ways and pay the same high level of commission. It is purely down to personal preference which you choose.


Click here to promote us via PayDot.com




Click here to promote us via Clickbank


Both networks will provide you with accurate, real-time reporting so you can see the traffic and sales you are sending. You will also be paid as often as once a week providing you meet the minimum payout level.


Step 2 - Grab your Unique Tracking Link

Once you have set-up your affiliate account you are ready to start promoting Snooker Guide and earning those 50% commissions. All you need is your unique tracking link which, on Clickbank will look like this:


Important: You must replace YOURID with your clickbank ID


Alternatively you can click here to create your link


Once you have this then as long as any traffic you send comes through this link you will receive your 50% commission on all sales direct to your Clickbank account.


If you have chosen to promote us via PayDot.com, please login to your PayDot account, and navigate to our program page through the merchant directory - we can be found in the sport section. From here you will be able to grab your unique tracking link.


Step 3 - Start Promoting!

That is it! You are now a fully functioning member of my our snooker affiliate program, all you need to do now is start promoting us.

Join our affiliate mailing list

Get notified about program updates and the latest tips on making sales by entering your name and email address below:


Hopefully you already have some ideas abouut how you are going to tell the world about Snooker Guide but just in case, here a few ideas to get you started:

Promotional Ideas and Suggestions:

1) Add a review to your existing snooker related website

If you already have a snooker related website such as an informational site or forum then you are ideally placed to start making sales today. Simply add a review of Snooker Guide to your site and link to it from your navigation and homepage.


Of course you may wish to buy access the guide before writing your review, you can use your own link to do this and get 50% off the selling price.


2) Add banners and links to your existing snooker website

Another method for generating sales is to add banners and links to your existing snooker related website. Although this usually gives slower results than adding a product review you will still make sales if you have the right traffic. Of course, there is nothing stop you adding banners, links, AND a review. You can get our available banners by clicking here


Snooker Affiliate Banners


3) Start a paid advertising campaign such as Google Adwords

Because there are not that many snooker tutorial programs like Snooker Guide it is not too difficult to find relatively uncomeptitive keywords to bid on with Pay Per Click advertising. This means you can generate clicks and sales without spending a fortune, making PPC a very viable advertising method.


4) Start an article marketing campaign

Especially effective for those who do not have their own website, article marketing offers you the chance to reach a large traffic base and generate sales quickly. Simply write some good, informative articles on snooker and submit them to article directories such as eZine Articles, Article Dashboard, etc.


If you convey a good sense of authority people will be rushing to buy the product you recommended at the end of the article. Article marketing can also be used to get better rankings and more traffic for your existing website.


5) Send an email to your list

If you have an email list where your subscribers have signed up for snooker related emails then an email campaign can generate you almost immediate sales. Make sure you send it to all your past subscribers and add it in to a chain so that all your future subscribers see it too for ongoing earnings without any work!


6) Start your own snooker blog or Squidoo page

Even if you do not own a snooker related website you very quickly can - for free! There are several really good, free blogging platforms available online now. This means you can start a blog about snooker today! Just remember to blog about the Snooker Guide and use your unique tracking link to generate sales and earn money.


Squidoo pages are also free and are a great way to set up a one-page information site about snooker and promote the Snooker Guide tutorial program.


7) Link from your forum signature or social networking page

Do you regularly post on a snooker related forum? Do you have a social networking page such as Twitter, Facebook or Bebo? Well now is the time to add your unique tracking link and watch sales come in.


This is especially effective if you post regularly on a snooker related forum that allows signature links as everyone who reads your post will see your link. Just make sure the forum you post on allows such a link and do not spam!


Key Selling Points of Snooker Guide:

  • Beginners online video coaching program
  • Developed and presented by professional player Daniel Wells
  • 50+ minutes of high-quality videos that cover all of the basics
  • Full 60 day money-back guarantee with all purchases
  • Low one-off fee of just £19.95 for a limetime membership with free updates
  • Improve your all-round game of snooker for more enjoyable play

Please be aware the the £4.95 monthly membership option is not available to customers who arrive via an affiliate link.

Questions about the snooker affiliate program?
Contact me

Having worked for several years in internet and affiliate marketing, both as an affiliate and as an affiliate manager I can help you convert your traffic to sales. Even if you are completely new to affiliate marketing I can help you get started and provide feedback.


No matter what you need I am always available. Just use this form (please include your Clickbank ID if known) and I will respond as quickly as possible. The more sales you make, the more sales we make - therefore we are always willing to help.