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Snooker TrainingNothing beats the feeling of becoming a better snooker player.


Once you have the knowledge of what makes good technique, with some practice you will start to notice some significant improvements in your game.


This is what we are offering you, a complete snooker video tutorial guide that will take you through each step you need to start potting balls more consistently.


However, we know you may be skeptical as to whether our guide can really help you.


To help you make the right decision we are currently offering two ways for you to get free lifetime membership to all of the content in the Snooker Guide members area:

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The most common way that people gain their access to Snooker Guide free of charge is by submitting their testimonial once they have seen improvements in their game.


You see, as a relatively new site we need more testimonials to prove to people that our guide is the best. Therefore you can purchase your lifetime membership today, try out the techniques and when your game improves, send us your testimonial similar to the one we received below:

James Tanner, Nottingham, UK

"Well what can I say? A few months ago I snapped my cue in a fit of anger after missing yet another pot. I then found it difficult to get used to my new cue and so I started to look for some coaching to help me out.

Initially I thought physical one-to-one coaching was the best option for me, however while searching for coaches in my area I came across the Snooker Guide website. I am so glad I did!

The videos are very well presented and reminded me of many of the basics I had forgotten. I went back to the practice table and went through your guide step-by-step. I noticed I was showing signs of getting back to my best and that gave me the confidence to keep working at it.

Now I feel like I am better than before I broke my cue and I really do not think that could have happened without the help of Snooker Guide"

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We give everyone who sends us a video testimonial that we use on our site every penny of their money back. We even reward those who only send us written testimonials with up to 50% of their money back in the way of Amazon vouchers.


This helps us to show more people that we are the number one online snooker coaching guide and it also helps you improve your game without losing any money. It's a win-win situation.


A word of warning though, this offer will only be open for a limited time. Once we have enough testimonials this offer will be closed, therefore you are encouraged to buy today to avoid disappointment.

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Play better snookerIn the unlikely even you do not notice any improvements in your game and therefore feel you cannot submit your testimonial to get your money back then do not worry.


If you are unsatisfied with your membership then you can claim every penny of your money back via our 30 day refund policy.


All we ask is that you purchase a lifetime membership, follow the program for a minimum of 14 days and if you see no improvements, just contact our support team within 30 days of purchase for a full, no questions asked refund.


This means that whether the guide works for you or not, you can get your money back. In other words we are offering you a no-risk membership that could improve the way you play snooker for free!

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If you are still unsure whether Snooker Guide is right for you then let us highlight the top reasons why you should join our community today:

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