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Snooker Cueing Tips

Snooker LessonsSnooker cueing is one of the main things that have to be learnt before playing snooker well.


There are a number of snooker cue action tips which include holding the cue or the grip, the sight of the cue ball and the stance.


To get a right shot if your cue action is perfect it is rare that you shot will be a miss.


Patience and concentration are the two things that are really required if you have to go for a correct and successful cue action.

Holding the cue

Holding the cue is the first tip that one should take for perfect snooker cueing. To hold the cue in the proper manner is known as the grip. The grip has to be just right to get in a perfect shot. What the players often face is the problem of holding the cue too tightly or too loosely.


The cue should be placed on the bridge of the hand where it makes a ‘v’ with the thumb and the forefinger. The rest of the fingers should be in place and gripped just right so that the cue does not swing away missing the shot. If the cue is held too tight there could be tension on the arm with the cue and the cue may swing upward.

The shot planning

The next snooker cue action tip is to plan and decide what is your next shot is going to be like. The decision of your next shot has to be taken before you start the cue action.


When the player is not sure about the next shot the approach becomes inconsistent. The body stance and the cue action may not be coordinated in such cases which will result in a missed shot.

Forming the bridge

Professional Snooker TrainingForming the bridge with the forefinger and the thumb into a ‘v’ is the next snooker cue action tip.


The fingers will have to be straight on the table and well spaced out, the thumb and the forefingers making a ‘v’ to provide a channel for the cue to pass too and fro.


The bridge has to be at a desired height to take a perfect shot whether you want a central strike or should be flexible enough to be raised higher or lower for screw or top spin.


Your bridge hand should not move easily otherwise this can make your cue action unsteady.


You may find it helps to push down in to the table with your bridge hand fingers to increase stability.


Once you select a shot you would also keep in mind the position and distance of the bridge in relation to the cue ball and backswing required for your selected shot.

Proper stance

Snooker cueing will be successful only with a proper stance. A comfortable stance is what you should look for which will give you ease to maneuver and get your cue action right.


The best stance for a right-handed player is to put your right foot in line with the shot. The left foot should go before the right foot and the left leg has to be bent at the knee. The right leg should remain straight. For left-handed players the left leg should be straight and in line with the shot and the right leg slightly bent.


The most important aspect of your stance is that it keeps you as still and steady as possible during the shot. You can test how steady your stance is by asking a friend to gently push you from side to side to see how easily they can move you. The harder they find it, the better your stance is.

The eye

After getting the stance and grip into position the next snooker cue action tip has to be the sight and the ball alignment. By y feathering which is a kind of rehearsing of the final shot. Here the player will concentrate on the ball keeping both the cue and the ball in sight. Two or three feathering action and the final shot is taken with good snooker cueing.


Many people are unsure about which ball they should be looking at when the cue strikes the cue ball. Generally you should be looking at the object ball, although in rare cases some people do find a higher percentage of shots are successful when they focus on the cue ball instead. It is best to try both methods and see which one works best for you.

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