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Online snooker coaching program to
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When you join Snooker Guide you become part of a unique community of like-minded players. Like you, every member wants to improve their potting consistency, safety play, concentration and overall ability at the game of snooker.


Below is a summary of what you will get as a member of Snooker Guide:

  • Over 50 minutes of snooker tutorial videos featuring Daniel Wells
  • Tips & Technique articles to cover every discipline of the game
  • Exclusive discounts and offers for a wide range of snooker merchandise
  • Members only competitions with fantastic prizes
  • Unbiased reviews and features of the latest snooker goods
  • All of this and more for a low one-off fee with free updates

All of these features are provided to you via our secure online members area which means you can access it at any time of the day and from any computer (with an internet connection) anywhere in the world.


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Jam-packed with videos and guides that will
help you pot balls more consistently

What we are offering you is a members training area that provides you with all of the facts you need to start improving your game. There are over 50 minutes worth of detailed tutorial videos for you to watch and learn from and each one is presented by professional snooker player Daniel Wells.

  • Getting your stance right for the perfect stability
  • How to perfect your cueing action for pin-point accuracy
  • What to wear and which cue to choose
  • How to break-off just like the professionals
  • How to strike the ball for maximum accuracy
  • Using rests and extensions to pot the unpottable!
  • How to pot long shots with a high success rate
  • How to create the perfect rock-steady bridge

That gives you a solid grounding from which you can work. If you learn all of the above then you will immediately start to notice changes in your game and your confidence will grow.


However, we do not stop there. No snooker guide would be complete without expanding upon the above core fundamentals and ensuring you have a better grasp on all aspects of the game. That is why we also cover:

  • Getting your angles right
  • How break build and ensure you win in as few visits as possible
  • How to get out of snookers without fouling
  • Achieving spin and side to control the cue ball
  • How to developing a winning snooker strategy
  • Using professional practice routines to improve your game fast
  • Plus, an exclusive blooper reel that shows even the pros get it wrong sometimes!

Snooker CoachesFurthermore you get access to a large database of written articles and guides to help you take an in-depth look at how you play.


This will help you to highlight your weaknesses, and then work at making them your strengths.


These written tutorials perfectly compliment and expand upon what you will learn from the videos and ensures you have a better grasp of the fundamentals that are needed to go from an average player to great player.

All of these video and written tutorials are exclusive to Snooker Guide.


Each one was filmed and written specifically for our members which means our coaching gives you a full, step-by-step guide for improving your all-round game.


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A wide range of members only reviews,
merchandise, competitions and discounts

How to Play SnookerOf course the main reason you want to join Snooker Guide is for the coaching material, we know that which is why we have gone to such extents to give you the very best tutorials.


However, we also know that you want more from a snooker coaching program than just tutorials and guides on how to play better snooker.


This is why we also have a great range of reviews, merchandise, competitions and discounts that are only available for our members.


The reviews cover many different products and services relating to snooker and we give you our own unbiased opinion on each.


This allows you to make better decisions about what snooker goods you spend your money on.

Paul Williamson, Carlisle, UK

"I decided to try out Snooker Guide after getting frustrated at not seeing my game progress. I have been playing every week for the last 6 months and just felt like I was still making the same mistakes.

However, after practicing the techniques taught in just the first few videos I can already see signs of my game getting better. I alway's used to miss the easier straight pots but now I am getting them 9 times out of ten.

I am also getting more reaction out of the cue ball which is helping me to build bigger breaks (I'm on 41 now - my previous was only 24).

I am now going to start trying out the more advanced techniques that you offer as I feel I am getting the hang of the basics now. Thanks for your help so far - the elusive 50+ break is in sight!"

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Our merchandise includes t-shirts, cues, DVD's, games, and much more and give you the opportunity to show your support for the game in ways other programs cannot offer.


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We also give our members free to enter competitions every single month where you can win anything from a t-shirt through to snooker cues signed by legends such as Ronnie O'Sullivan. This is in addition to regular discounts and special offers that are exclusive to members of Snooker Guide.

All for a low one-off fee that is backed by
our 30 day money-back guarantee

Pot more balls in snookerFor this much content and regular monthly updates you may be expecting that we will want some of your hard earned cash every month?


At the least you might assume that we have a high price tag for all of this content?


You could not be more wrong.


With our lifetime membership option you will not pay monthly rebills or any extra charges - everything we have is made available to you for as long as you need it thanks to our free updates for life policy.


This means if we add new videos or tutorials you simply have to login to the members area again to get them. We will not ask you to pay any more fees - ever.


However, if you prefer to pay a smaller fee for monthly membership we give you that option too.


So what is the price for all of this content and unlimited free updates? Normally it would be £24.95, however, as we are currently on a drive to increase our membership base we are offering you a special limited time lifetime membership price of just £19.95.


Free Snooker CoachingThat is £19.95 for the whole lot, everything we have promised is delivered for that one-time price.


If you only require a monthly pass with the ability to cancel at any time then it will set you back just £4.95 a month.


Better still, we give you a complete 30 day money-back guarantee with your lifetime membership.


This means you can try out the members area for 14 days and in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied we will refund every penny you paid (providing you claim for a refund within 30 days of your original purchase).


This makes your purchase completely risk-free and gives you the confidence that your money will not be wasted.


So why wait? Join today and you can start improving your game within a matter of minutes.

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