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Pot more balls, get higher breaks and increase your enjoyment of the game of snooker

Learn to play better and increase your consistency
with our easy to follow video and text guides

Snooker Guide is a unique beginners video and text snooker tutorial program to help you improve your potting, break building, safety and all-round snooker play.


With our program you can:

  • Improve your cue action for greater accuracy
  • Start making regular 40+ breaks
  • Learn how to break off like the professionals
  • Increase your enjoyment of the game of snooker
  • Make noticeable improvements in every area - fast

Unlike other guides out there, we do not assume that you are already making regular 40+ breaks. Instead, we start at the basics of the game, ensuring your technique is right before moving you gently along to the more advanced disciplines of the game, this makes our guide perfect for beginners.


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This means that whether you have been playing for a while but have been unable to perfect the game, or if you have only just picked up a cue for the first time, you can learn and improve your game simply by following our tutorials and training routines. In a few weeks you could be amazing your friends by regularly knocking in 40+ breaks.


An introduction to Snooker Guide by Daniel Wells:


As featured in:

Snooker Tips

View the Snooker Guide trailer video below:


Please note: The videos above have been compressed to allow faster viewing. All of the videos in the members area are of full, original HD quality compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad.


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A unique, highly professional snooker
video manual

Professional snooker coachingBetter still, the guide was not put together by some 'would-be' snooker coach you have never heard of.


Instead, we drafted in professional snooker player Daniel Wells not only to star in the videos but also to help plan and structure the guide.


Daniel Wells is currently ranked as one of the top 100 players in the World and came within one frame of appearing at the televised stages of the 2009 World Championships at the Crucible theatre in Sheffield.


This means you are getting the advice of a professional snooker player without ever having to leave the seat you are sat in right now.


It also means you know you are getting high quality advice that only someone with a high skill level in the game could provide.


The interactive Snooker Guide members area contains:

  • Over 50 minutes of snooker tutorial videos featuring Daniel Wells
  • Tips & Technique articles to cover every discipline of the game
  • Exclusive discounts and offers for a wide range of snooker merchandise
  • Fully compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and more!
  • Unbiased reviews and features of the latest snooker goods
  • All of this and more for a low one-off fee with free updates

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Become a better all round snooker player
with our professional videos

If you are looking for professional snooker video tutorials that have not been filmed by someone at their local club with a cheap video camera then Snooker Guide will exceed your expectations.


Not only did we draft in a professional snooker player to help construct and film the guide but we also hired a professional filming company to ensure the videos and editing were of the highest quality.

Professional Recommendation
Peter Ebdon
(World Champion 2002 & UK Champion 2006)

“If you are looking for a great set of snooker tutorial videos that are supported with easy to understand instructions then this Snooker Guide delivers.

I have not seen a more professional online coaching program, the website is very well presented, the videos are of high quality, and Daniel presents the tutorials very well indeed.

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In addition we also hired a table at the best dedicated snooker venue in the country, the World Snooker Academy in Sheffield. This means the videos were filmed on professional tournament standard tables that many of the best young snooker professionals practice on day in, day out.


In other words you are getting professional HD quality video tutorials with no expense spared and a professionalism that quite simply, no other guide can match. You are getting the very best snooker coaching at a lower cost than most others charge.


The Snooker Guide tutorials cover the following topics:

  • Getting your stance right for the perfect stability
  • How to perfect your cueing action for pin-point accuracy
  • What to wear and which cue to choose
  • How to break-off just like the professionals
  • How to strike the ball for maximum accuracy
  • Using rests and extensions to pot the unpottable!
  • How to pot long shots with a high success rate
  • How to create the perfect rock-steady bridge

That gives you a solid grounding from which you can work. If you learn all of the above then you will immediately start to notice changes in your game and your confidence will grow.

Professional Recommendation
Ding Junhui
(UK Champion 2005 & 2009)

“SnookerGuide.co.uk offers a great way for people to learn how to improve their game of snooker and become a better player.

The tutorials are easy to understand and cover all of the basics that are needed to start making sizable breaks.

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However, we do not stop there. No snooker guide would be complete without expanding upon the above core fundamentals and ensuring you have a better grasp on all aspects of the game. That is why we also cover:

  • Getting your angles right
  • How break build and ensure you win in as few visits as possible
  • How to get out of snookers without fouling
  • Achieving spin and side to control the cue ball
  • How to developing a winning snooker strategy
  • Using professional practice routines to improve your game fast
  • Plus, an exclusive blooper reel that shows even the pros get it wrong sometimes!

That's over 50 minutes of video tutorials covering virtually every angle of the game of snooker. And remember, these videos are in addition to the many text tutorials that are contained within the online members area of Snooker Guide.


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All of this is geared towards giving you the knowledge, skills and confidence to improve your game of snooker be it for fun with your friends or more serious competitions.

An interactive, highly educational and
easy to follow members area

Play better snookerNow, you might be thinking that as the guide has been produced in conjunction with a professional snooker player that it is going to cost more than the majority of other guides out there?


You would be wrong! You see, we have produced this guide because we are passionate about snooker and helping you to become a better player.


The media are always saying that snooker is dying sport so we want to do our bit to help increase its popularity.


This is our way of giving something back to the sport that has given us so much enjoyment over the years.


With this in mind we deliver the complete guide to you via our exclusive online members area.


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This means we can keep our costs down to a minimum and ensure you get all the coaching you need at a faction of the cost of other guides.


It also means you can access the guide when it suits you and you will get the benefit of free updates for the lifetime of the program.

A low one-off fee for unlimited
lifetime access and free updates

How much would you expect to pay for unlimited access to our members area with free updates for the lifetime of the program? Maybe £40 or £50? Well, the good news is it's not even going to cost you £30.


You can get your full, unlimited VIP lifetime membership to Snooker Guide for a one-off fee of just £19.95 (limited time offer). That is the same (or less) than some guides charge as a monthly membership fee but with Snooker Guide you will only ever pay that fee once, no matter how many times you access it or how long you stay a member.


Online Snooker Coaching


Of course we know that you may prefer to pay a smaller amount on a monthly basis instead of a one-off fee so for that reason we offer a 'Pay as You Go' membership option. With this payment option you only pay £4.95 a month for as long as you wish to remain a member. There are no long tie-ins just the flexibility to only pay for as long as you require access.


In addition, Snooker Guide offers you a range of other benefits that other programs cannot match, including members only competitions and exclusive discounts and offers.


So why wait when you can have access to everything you need to start potting more balls and making bigger breaks in a matter of minutes. Click the button below to grab your instant access today. Access Now - Start Improving Your Game Today