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Snooker Training

Snooker TrainingIf you’ve decided to improve your game and step up to the next level of snooker, (whether you want to move from playing once a month to getting twenty or thirty breaks or whether you want to move from being a competent club player to becoming a professional) then you need to give serious consideration to how much time you can devote to snooker training.


In our article on snooker practice we saw how the top players spend a minimum of three or four hours a day on snooker training.


It is an oft quoted line, but Steve Davis once claimed ‘the more I practice the luckier I get.’ So you need to be prepared to put the hours in on the practice table.


We’ve already described all the practice routines available in our members area, the routines which concentrate on your potting and positional play, but you need to be willing to train in other areas too. Snooker training is not just about potting, but also making sure that you have got your posture right and that you are gripping the cue correctly.


It is about making sure your arm moves like a hinge and that the rest of your body stays completely still. All of these elements of snooker training are crucial to improving your game and all of them are achieved through careful application of exercises in our guide.


Free Snooker CoachingIf you’re really serious about snooker training you’ll also want to visit the big tournaments and to watch as many snooker videos as possible, and to learn how the best snooker minds think, tactically.


Inside we have compiled articles and videos to help with your snooker training.


We have articles on snooker psychology and the etiquette of snooker and articles on training yourself in shot selection and break building.


Snooker training is mostly about the practice you put in, but other areas such as shot selection are equally important, no matter what your ability, in your training regime.


Just by being a bit more selective in your shot selection and only taking on pots you know you can get it is quite possible to beat players who are more technically experienced potters than yourself.


Finally, these days you will not find many snooker players who do not consider getting fit as an important part of snooker training.


Although the sport is not very physical, the mental side has been proven to be much easier to handle if your body is in good condition. The days of Bill Werbeniuck necking pints at the table are long gone. If you want to be a good player it’s time to start training!

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