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Here at Snooker Guide we have been making people like you better players through our range of video tutorials and text guides. Although the guide is new for 2010, we have already begun recieving testimonials from some of our very happy customers.


We have also recieved glowing recommendations from two of the modern games greats, Ding Junhui and Peter Ebdon.


Professional Recommendation
Peter Ebdon
(World Champion 2002 & UK Champion 2006)

“If you are looking for a great set of snooker tutorial videos that are supported with easy to understand instructions then this Snooker Guide delivers.

I have not seen a more professional online coaching program, the website is very well presented, the videos are of high quality, and Daniel presents the tutorials very well indeed.

If you class yourself as a beginner or even average player then I would encourage you to become a member of Snooker Guide. You will not find an easier to follow coaching program that caters for players still struggling to make sizable breaks.

Of course, there is no substitute for practice but this guide ensures you understand the correct technique you need to use to ensure your practice leads to a quicker and more noticeable improvements.

"A big thumbs up from me.”

Professional Recommendation
Ding Junhui
(UK Champion 2005 & 2009)

“SnookerGuide.co.uk offers a great way for people to learn how to improve their game of snooker and become a better player.

The tutorials are easy to understand and cover all of the basics that are needed to start making sizable breaks.

The members area is well presented and contains a lot of information on how to improve your game. It also seems to have a great community of like-minded snooker enthusiasts that can only be good for sharing tips and knowledge.

I would recommend anyone who enjoys playing snooker but would like to improve their skill level to try Snooker Guide.”

And it is not just the professionals who have put their recommendation forward for Snooker Guide. Below you will find a selection of our customer testimonials and success stories. Each testimonial is in it's original, unedited form.


Customer Success Stories:

John, Surrey, UK

Paul Williamson, Carlisle, UK

"I decided to try out Snooker Guide after getting frustrated at not seeing my game progress. I have been playing every week for the last 6 months and just felt like I was still making the same mistakes.

However, after practicing the techniques taught in just the first few videos I can already see signs of my game getting better. I alway's used to miss the easier straight pots but now I am getting them 9 times out of ten.

I am also getting more reaction out of the cue ball which is helping me to build bigger breaks (I'm on 41 now - my previous was only 24).

I am now going to start trying out the more advanced techniques that you offer as I feel I am getting the hang of the basics now. Thanks for your help so far - the elusive 50+ break is in sight!"

Pat, Toronto, Canada

James Tanner, Nottingham, UK

"Well what can I say? A few months ago I snapped my cue in a fit of anger after missing yet another pot. I then found it difficult to get used to my new cue and so I started to look for some coaching to help me out.

Initially I thought physical one-to-one coaching was the best option for me, however while searching for coaches in my area I came across the Snooker Guide website. I am so glad I did!

The videos are very well presented and reminded me of many of the basics I had forgotten. I went back to the practice table and went through your guide step-by-step. I noticed I was showing signs of getting back to my best and that gave me the confidence to keep working at it.

Now I feel like I am better than before I broke my cue and I really do not think that could have happened without the help of Snooker Guide"

Aaron, Mansfield, UK

Jatinder Singh, Leeds, UK

"For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to become a better snooker player. I have tried a few different DVD's and they did help a bit but never really progressed my game as much as I would have liked.

Your guide is different though as it explained things so clearly that I realised I had missed some key points that other guides had not made clear.

The visual help I get from your videos as well as the explanations in your articles is just great. Thank you so much for an excellent guide on how to play snooker properly!"

Sandis, Eleja, Latvia

Nick Winterton, London, UK

"A friend told me about your guide and recommended it to me. I wasn't sure at first because I had become so frustrated with not being able to pot consistently that I was very close to giving up and sticking to just watching the pro's on TV.

Every now and again I would pot a difficult shot and then follow that up by missing a really easy one - I was pulling my hair out and really not enjoying playing.

However, after watching the free lessons you give out on your website I realised that my technique was all wrong. I knew it wasn't perfect but I hadnt realised how much difference even the smallest things can make.

I watched your videos on stance and striking the ball several times over. I also read a lot of the text tutorials too and then returned to my snooker club. I told myself that if I didnt notice any improvements in 2 weeks then I would stop playing.

I am pleased to say that after 3 weeks I am a way better player, I am enjoying playing again and cannot believe I played for so long with such a bad cueing action!

By the way I also love the extra stuff you give us in the members area such as the reviews and competitions, they really make everything complete."

Chandrajit, Calcutta, India


Remember, Snooker Guide is new for 2010 yet even in such a short amount of time we have already had people sending us their testimonials to say how pleased they are.


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We will add more testimonials to this page as they come in, however, why wait when you could become our next success story.


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